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Awesomism Beyond Autism By Suzy Miller, M.Ed.C.C.C.

FROM MY VANTAGE POINT, the story of autism is the story of a highly -evolved population, that cannot be fully present in their bodies, because the vibration of their bodies and the planet in general cannot currently support the full embodiment of their divine essence. It is the story of a population that functions at the level of soul/feeling and vibration/essence, but who are being judged, labeled and remediated by the rest of the population which typically functions in the denser vibration of mental and physical reality alone. (This is through no fault of their own, they simply have not yet seen beyond those constructs.) This story is about an amazing population who will not or cannot be fully present until those lower vibrational constructs come into alignment with who they truly … Read entire article »

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‘Tis the Season to be Truthful… An Energy Update by Suzy Miller

Back on November 11, 2006, I participated in a conference in London. Prior to the presentation, that inner voice told me that I should not prepare and that everything would be as it should.  As I stood before the group, it was obvious that the participants were going to be making a significant shift energetically. As I began speaking, I noticed that the Energy of Child began to enter the room, and continued to enter until they were the primary voice. One of my co presenters said it looked as if there were faces of children everywhere, so much so that I could no longer be seen. This was not the “typical” presentation for me, but at one point my other co presenter wisely asked, “What do the children want … Read entire article »

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The Vibration of Communication & the “Languages” of Autism by Suzy Miller, M.Ed. CCC

I HAVE BEEN KEENLY AWARE LATELY of the various vibrational “languages” used by children diagnosed with autism. It is becoming apparent that there are at least three different languages spoken by these children as they begin to verbalize. The highest frequency and the furthest in some ways from the density of typical verbal spoken words is a language that I refer to as Vibrating Speech. Children who are speaking at this frequency frequently are interested in hearing the vibration of their sounds and will hold their hand to their ear when they speak. They will also cup their hands to their mouth to feel the vibration. When two or more of children speaking this language are in the same room, they will get very quiet for a time. They will revert … Read entire article »

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Our Children as Guides to Inner Consciousness by Suzy Miller

For years now we have heard terms like Indigo, Crystalline, Star Children and the like. We have been advised regarding how to work with these children, what gifts they are bringing and how to advance their skills. We have heard about the trials and blessings of raising these conscious children. Lately, however, I have been feeling the need to take a step back from all the information and get back to basics, both with my clients and my own four children. And in the process, I have been asking myself this question: “Regardless of who these children are, where they come from or what their abilities are, how can everyone involved learn and grow consciously from these relationships?” A parent can gain all kinds of information from inner and outer sources … Read entire article »

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